About Raga Rags

I admit to starting my business with one goal in mind; it must require at least one annual trip to India. Goal accomplished! Then, the question became, what will I do while I’m there? Easy answer… shop! This is me in the ‘early days', the ‘before I found Anokhi days'.

I wasn't born to shop; it's an acquired taste. People think that a shopping trip to India sounds exotic. It is! But it’s also hard work. I move fast, make quick decisions… gotta get to the next shop. My trips are usually not much longer than a week. Some of my favorite shops in India are Anokhi, Good Earth, Tulsi (Designer Neeru Kumar) and Hansiba. I buy Craftmark certified whenever I can.

Raga Rags stocks beautiful Anokhi hand block printed clothing and table linen throughout the year. Anokhi is known for innovation, originality, and fair trade business practices. Visit the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing for a virtual tour and watch Iqbal as he prints at the museum.

I invite you and your girlfriends, your moms and grandmas, aunties and cousins, and, well… your husbands and boyfriends too, to shop with Raga Rags through our eBay store. If you'd like to know more about my adventures in India, please visit my blog, Bloga Raga. Both are linked through this website.

Customers in the Washington D.C. area will find me at annual shows like the National Cathedral Flower Mart. Write me if you want my show schedule. I'd like to meet you!

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